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Electric American Standard Ball Valve

Electric ball valve is assembled with ball valve and high precision electric actuator. Mainly suitable for two cut-off and regulation occasions. The valve is connected directly to the actuator. The electric actuator has a built-in servo system, which can be controlled by inputting 4-20mA signal and 220VAC power supply without additional servo amplifier.

The valve is generally used in various pipelines with high pressure and large caliber. The upper and lower stem is used to fix the spool (axle-supported) and the movable seal seat. When the valve is closed, the sphere will not produce displacement under the action of medium pressure, and the work is more stable. Electric ball valves are usually connected with the ball on the upper and lower axles, equipped with rolling bearings, or sliding bearings, in order to reduce the friction of the journal when opening and closing, reduce the operating moment, and are widely used in various industries.

Electric Ball Valve Application:

Electric flanged ball valves are suitable for long-distance pipelines and general industrial pipelines. Their strength, safety and resistance to harsh environment are specially considered in design. They are used to cut off or connect medium in pipelines. Different materials are selected. They can be applied to water, steam, oil, liquefied gas, natural gas, gas, nitric acid, etc. Acetic acid, oxidizing medium, urea and other media are widely used in petrochemical, power and water conservancy industries.

Main technical parameters of electric ball valve:

Nominal Path DN(mm): DN50-DN800

Nominal Pressure (MPa): PN1.0-32MPa; ANSI 150-2500LB

Valve body form: two-stage casting valve body, three-stage forging valve body, etc.

Core Form: "O" Spherical Core

Valve body material: carbon steel WCB, stainless steel 304, 316, 316L

Sealing materials: PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene), PPL (para-polybenzene), metal seals (cemented carbide)

Sealing filler: V-type PTFE filler, impregnated PTFE asbestos filler, asbestos textile filler, graphite filler

Connection Form: Flange, Welding

Flow characteristics: approximate fast-opening

Applicable temperature: PTFE < 180 C; PPL < 280 C; Metal seal < 300 C

Power supply voltage: AC220V, AC380V (other customized DC24, etc.)

Control mode: switch-in-place lamp (switch two-position control), intelligent adjustment (4-20mA analog signal control)

Action time: 15 seconds/30 seconds/60 seconds

Protective device: overheating protection

Optional Features

Explosion-proof function: protection level: equivalent to IP65 (or IP67), flameproof sign: Exd II BT4

Regulation function: input and output 4-20 mA, O-5V.DC, 0-10V.DC

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