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    Alpha Flow Control (ALPHA-MAX) , a subsidiary of TYCO International, headquartered in the United States, is a manufacturer of actuator, automatic control valve and related control products. It has dozens of brands and production bases in multiple regions. Alpha Flow Control has become an important member of the valve and actuator industry in China.

    Alpha Flow Control (ALPHA-MAX) has been expanding its business in China for many years. Alpha Flow Control has established a set of efficient and fast operation system according to the characteristics of the Chinese market and the needs of business development. From the initial sales-oriented enterprises, gradually developed into a comprehensive enterprise integrating manufacturing plants, sales representations, spot warehouses, automatic valve assembly and maintenance centers and service centers.

    Our sales network is all over the world. Besides setting up offices in Beijing, Shanghai and Shenzhen, we have established sales outlets in major cities all over the world. After years of practice, we have established a sales team with the industry as the thread to better meet the requirements of the Chinese market and customers. Under the leadership of sales managers in various industries, our sales team is constantly exploring and developing to provide more Chinese customers with comprehensive fluid control solutions.

    The spot warehouses and automatic valve assembly and maintenance centers we have set up in Beijing, Shanghai and Shenzhen can not only provide some standard products in stock for Chinese customers, but also provide pre-sale and after-sale technical training services for assembly, testing and maintenance. Our service personnel have been localized and can arrive at the site in the shortest time to provide maintenance services.

    The well-known brand, long history, perfect product development, design, production, assembly, quality control and after-sales service system constitute Alpha's strong global network. In recent years, the scale of Alpha Flow Control has been growing. It can really provide users with "all-round flow control solutions" to help users solve the problems encountered in production.

    Our R&D center not only provides value-added services such as valve control system integration and special application solutions to users, but also actively introduces advanced technology services from abroad to produce locally in order to reduce costs and provide high-quality and low-cost products for Chinese customers.

    Alpha Flow Control has become a well-deserved industry leader and an influential multinational enterprise with its extraordinary strength and deep-rooted image.