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To manufacture high quality products to customer satisfaction

Superior quality assurance

   Alpha Flow Control (Shanghai) Co., Ltd knows the key to long life and low maintenance cost. In order to ensure long life of valves, we have developed a "four-step quality management system".

The first step is to follow each valve with PMI (material tracking regulation)

   Alpha Flow Control (Shanghai) Co., Ltd requires each material contractor to provide specifications and components of the material, compile a book, and inform company staff of the importance of these factors to product quality.

The second step is "zero leakage" detection

All valves are tested after assembly as follows:

1 Conduct leakage test in accordance with ANSI standard FCI 70-2;

2 hydrostatic test in accordance with ANSI standard B16.34;

3 Perform 0.6mpa pneumatic seal test in accordance with API standard 598.

   In addition, all valves are tested by nitrogen for no less than 90 seconds with "zero bubble" leakage.

The third step is to develop new products

   As industrial processes become more complex and leakage standards become more stringent, alpha is keeping up with The Times and developing next-generation valves.