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American Standard Pneumatic Ball Valve

1.Summary of American Standard Pneumatic Ball Valve

American Standard Pneumatic Ball Valve is composed of double-acting (or single-acting) pneumatic actuator and American Standard valve body. According to different needs of customers, accessories such as handwheel, electromagnetic reversing valve (ASCO solenoid valve, Yadeke solenoid valve, 4M310 solenoid valve, etc.) air filter pressure reducing valve, valve position feedback (limit switch), valve positioning are selected. YT-1000R valve positioner, Siemens valve positioner. According to a series of parameters such as pressure, caliber, medium and temperature of the valve provided by customers, the specific selection of the ball valve is confirmed, including the material of the valve body, the sealing parts of the valve, etc. American standard pneumatic ball valve connection methods include flange connection, threaded connection, welding and so on.

Pneumatic Beauty Standard ball valves are widely used in petroleum, chemical industry, power generation, papermaking and other sectors, as well as in people's daily life.

2. Technical parameters of American Standard Pneumatic Ball Valve

Design basis API and ANS standards

Design Standards API6D, ANSI B16.34

Structure Length API6D, ANSI B16.10

Connection Flange API6D, ANSI B16.10

Connection flange dimensions ANSI B16.5

Testing and Testing API6D and API598

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