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Double Blockage and Double Discharge Ball Valve

"Double plugging and double discharge ball valve concept" requires two on-line isolation valves and exhaust valves for discharging or discharging the trapping fluid between the two sealing elements in order to safely isolate the downstream pipeline. This function can be achieved by a single valve with a bleeding opening between the occluders.

Main Applications:

Offshore oil and gas production

- Oil and Gas Terminal

Chemical and Petrochemical Industry


Financial measurement slip manufacturing

LNG gas carrier

Contractors in the Engineering/Electricity Industry


Space and weight savings

Cost savings (products and installations)

Minimizing leak paths

Improving the Integrity of Line Structure

* ESDV + MOV or ESDV + XV configuration

Improving system reliability


Explosion proof/low emission rod

Fireproof and anti-static design

Independent clubs

Self-adjusting Decoration

Automatic Release/Dual Piston Effect

Floating seat

Soft or metal seats

Side entrances (bolts, welds) and land, sea (top) or seabed configurations are designed.

Exhaust/exhaust system can provide ball valves, gate valves or ball valves according to customer requirements.

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