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RJ Intelligent Type

I. Overview

Angular stroke electric actuator is an important field control equipment in automatic control system. It adopts direct connection structure and can be easily matched with rotary valves (such as butterfly valve, ball valve, cock valve) and damper. Its output angular displacement is 0 110 degrees or other angle. It can be widely used in power plants, metallurgy, petroleum and chemical industries. Industrial sectors such as industry, water conservancy, machinery, light industry, fire protection and environmental protection. RJ series electric actuator is simple in design and compact in structure. It covers 13 specifications and can provide the most reasonable solution in the range of output torque 60N. m 2500N. M.

This series of intelligent electric actuators can be added according to user's requirements, i. e. various functional configurations, to meet the requirements of various industrial process control.

Standard enclosures and boxes treated with phosphating and coating can adapt to corrosive working environment. Flameproof products with explosion-proof and pressure-resistant structure provided in the form of selected parts can be applied to hazardous working environment such as area 1 and area 2 of explosive mixtures of Class IIA and Class IIB T1-T4.

II. Product Characteristics


The LCD screen shows the opening size of the valve in real time and the alarm information in real time according to the working condition. The high brightness LED light emitting tube indicates the limit position of the valve.

Control Mode

The remote switching signal can be controlled (4 20 mA current signal can be selected) and the position of the valve can be adjusted on the spot by operating the knob on the spot.

State indication

The switch limit and fault alarm of the valve are indicated by the output of the relay contacts (4 20mA current signal output can be selected to reflect the opening of the valve).

Open-cover debugging

The setting of working parameters and the debugging of switch limit can be accomplished through the operation knob without opening the electric cover, so that harmful substances such as dust and moisture in the environment can not enter the internal of the executive mechanism, which greatly improves the reliability of the electrical control part.

High Intelligence

It has the function of man-machine conversation, and the electric control part is controlled by a new SOC chip, which has a high degree of intelligence.


Aluminum alloy shell and box have strong anti-corrosion ability after surface phosphating treatment. The box with O-ring in static matching place and skeleton oil seal in dynamic matching place reaches IP68 protection level. The explosion-proof box can be selected to work in dangerous working environment such as area 1 and area 2 of class IIA and class IIB T1-T4 explosive mixture.

High efficiency and low noise

Precision worm gear reducer has small clearance, high efficiency, low noise (up to 50 decibels) and long service life.


The self-locking between worm wheel and worm prevents the reverse phenomenon of actuator when the signal is cut off or cut off.

Clutch automatic reset

It has a unique mechanical hand/automatic switching mechanism. Manual operation is realized by pulling the clutch to separate the handle. Once the motor accepts the electric signal to start, the clutch can automatically reset and restore the actuator to its automatic state.

Operating handwheel

The size design of handwheel ensures the safety and labor-saving of manual operation.

Motor characteristics

Single-phase or three-phase fully enclosed squirrel-cage induction motors configured according to the requirements of power supply have large starting moment and small moment of inertia.

Convenient and fast wiring

The connection of actuator adopts plug and socket. The external wiring is connected to the plug, and the actuator can be removed as long as the plug is unplugged. The plug is waterproof and explosion-proof, which avoids the mistake of reconnecting during maintenance.

_Absolute Coded Position Sensor

Our company's intelligent angular stroke electric actuator can choose absolute coding position sensor, which adopts non-contact measurement, has a very high measurement accuracy and long service life.

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