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RQMIII Series Electric Actuator

I. Overview

The new generation of intelligent RQMIII series electric actuators can be set, checked and queried quickly and non-invasively by an independent setter. The actuator uses graphical dot matrix LCD to display the working status and alarm of the torque, valve position and limit setting in Chinese, digital and graphical. As shown in Figure 1-1, it greatly facilitates the operation and use of users. The actuator has automatic protection function and flameproof function. Even in dangerous areas, it is possible to adjust and diagnose faults without opening the electric cover of the actuator in operation. The field bus communication card can be used to construct a fully distributed computer cooperative work system, which can realize remote communication, remote acquisition, remote diagnosis and maintenance. Because of its advanced nature, reliability and easy operation, it is welcomed by the vast number of users and widely used in petroleum, power, metallurgy, water treatment and other industries.

II. Major Technical Indicators

2.1 Input signal: 4mA~20mA; 1VDC~5VDC; 24VDC pulse and level signal, fieldbus signal

2.2 Power supply: 380VAC/50Hz 220VAC/50Hz, or customized

2.3 Basic Error Limit: <1%

Repeatability error of 2.4 stroke control mechanism: <1%

2.5 Dead Zone: 0.1%~9.9% Adjustable

2.6 Protection Level: IP68

2.7 Explosion-proof Type: Explosion-proof Mark: Exd II CT4

2.8 Ambient Temperature: -30 ~+70

2.9 Input and output channels are optoelectronically isolated

2.10 Environmental Humidity: <95%

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