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Multi-Rotary Actuator with ACV Control Unit

Design features:

Torque range 15 Nm - 1,000 Nm

Adjusting Torque Range 15 Nm-350 Nm

Maximum startup times 1,500 c/h

Output speed 6 rpm-240 rpm

Limiting and Torque Sensing

Suitable for three-phase AC motor

Manual operation handwheel

Excellent positioning accuracy

Soft Start and Soft Stop for Valve Protection

Avoiding Pressure Fluctuation through Velocity Curve

Emergency and Fault Shutdown with Independent Speed Settings

Synchronized Link - Synchronized Operation of Two Actuators

Environmental conditions:

High Sealing Protection Level

High quality anticorrosion protection

Extensive ambient temperature range

Optional functions:

Midway position switch

Duplex switch version

Remote Position Conveyor

Permanent Magnet Limiter and Torque Conveyor

Mechanical position indicator


Electrical connection through AUMA plug-in connector (optional terminal)

Cable inlets of different specifications

The output drive mode conforms to ISO and DIN standards.

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