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Pneumatic Actuator Rack And Pinion AT Series

Detailed Product Description
Name:AT Series Rack And Pinion ActuatorsMaterial:ASTM6005
Housing:Corrosion ProtectingColor:Black
Price:FOBDelivery Time:3-7 Weeks


Double Acting And Single Acting Pneumatic Actuator Rack And Pinion AT Series


► 1.1 Warehouse Storage

All actuators should be stored in a clean, dry warehouse, free from excessive vibration and rapid temperature changes.


Prevent moisture or dirt from entering the actuator. Plug or seal both air connection ports.

All actuators should not be stored directly to the floor surface,it must be placed in racks/shelves or use a pallet.


Failure to follow the above guidelines (Warehouse and On Site Storages) will void warranty.


The Assured Automation AT Series Rack and Pinion actuators are available as double acting or spring-return versions. 16 models are available, ranging from 15 Nm to 8000 Nm nominal torque output.


The Assured Automation AT Series uses standardized interfaces for solenoid, switch box or positioner mounting . The valve interface is equipped with an insert in the pinion bottom that allows both ISO5211 ,DIN3337 mounting.


The springs in the spring-return version allow a fail action in case of loss of air supply pressure (Fail-to-Close or Fail-to-Open).



► 2.2 Intended Use

Rack and Pinion actuators are intended for the automation and operation of quarter-turn valves like butterfly valve,ball valve and plug valves.

Rack and Pinion actuators can also be used to operate dampers or any other quarter-turn applications.

► 3.3 Specifications


Table 1. Pressure Range


Actuator TypePressure
Double-Acting2 to 8 bar
Spring-Return2 to 8 bar



Table 2. Operating Media


Actuator TypeOperating Media
Double-Acting and Single-ActingAir, dry or lubricated and inert gases
Dew point at least 10K below ambient temperature
For sub-zero applications, take appropriate measures

Mentioned pressure levels are "gauge pressures".

Gauge pressure is equal to absolute pressure minus

atmospheric pressure


Table 3. Temperature Range


Actuator TypeTemperature
Standard-20°C to +80°C (-4°F to +176°F)
Option: Low Temperature-40°C to +80°C (-40°F to +176°F)
Option: High Temperature-20°C to +120°C (-4°F to +248°F)

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