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Self-operated differential pressure control valve

Operational self-operated pressure regulating valve with a commander (pressure valve for short) does not need additional energy. The commander of the pressure valve is introduced to control the position of the spool of the pressure valve by using the energy of the regulated medium itself as the power source. The flow rate of the medium flowing through the valve is changed so as to keep the pressure at the back end of the valve constant.

S20B31M is mainly used in the case of high pressure in front of valve (0.2-0.8MPa) and low pressure behind valve (0.5-100KPa), such as 50mm H2O.


_Decompression ratio is particularly large, such as 0.8 MPa in front of the valve, 50 mmH_2 in back of the valve, pressure differential ratio of 1600.

_Pressure settings are implemented on the commander, so they are convenient, fast, labor-saving and time-saving, and can be operated.

Continuous settings in the state.

_Control accuracy is about 1 times higher than that of S20B31 self-powered type, so it is suitable for high control accuracy occasions.

For the same valve, the regulation range is wider than the S20B31 self-supporting type.

_Reaction is particularly sensitive, with minimal pressure (e.g. 50 mm water column) or minimal pressure variations.

It can be sensed.

Flow Characteristics: Quick Opening

_The pressure balancing structure is adopted, which is sensitive to the response of the control valve and has high control accuracy.

_Rubber diaphragm type detection, high accuracy of the actuator, sensitive action;

Actuator: Membrane Actuator

technical specifications

Nominal diameter DN20-300 (3/4"-12")

Pressure rating PN10-PN40 (CL150-CL300)

Main materials: carbon steel, stainless steel, alloy

Internal material: stainless steel, alloy

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