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Self-operated axial flow pressure regulating control valve

Self-operated axial flow pressure regulating control valve is widely used in gas transmission and distribution pressure control system, CNG decompression station and industrial gas pressure regulating system for export pressure control. APCV series self-operated axial flow pressure regulating control valves are suitable for natural gas and non-corrosive gases.

Model APCV10 series is suitable for self-operated pressure regulating valves under constant regulation. (Plate R Angle Diaphragm Design)

Model APCV20 series is suitable for self-monitoring pressure regulating valve under full open condition. (Rolling diaphragm design)

Product characteristics:

_Axial flow structure design, strong circulation energy;

_Self-reliant design;

Safety fire protection design;

_Large adjustment range, precise adjustment, durable;

It can be equipped with an outlet variable diameter noise reduction device and an internal noise reduction device.

The sleeve material is polished by stainless steel, which makes the sleeve slide better and resist corrosion.

Ground valve position indicator;

_Valve position sensor transmitter;

_Provide two modes of failure turn-on and failure turn-off.

Product Specification:

Size Range: 1"~12"


_Pressure range: 150LB~900LB

_Applicable temperature: -46 ~65.

Valve body material: A105, A350 LF2

Guide Valve Material: Aluminum Alloy, A105, A350 LF2, A182 F316

Sleeve material: A182 F316

Film material: NBR

Spring materials: 55CrSi, X750, A276 316

Sealing materials: reinforced PTFE, NBR, fluororubber

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