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Fluorine-lined single seat control valve

Corrosion-resistant control valve design and medium contact parts are all made of PFA, PTFE, TEFLON, known as the "King of Corrosion Resistance", so it has good corrosion resistance for corrosive media such as acid and alkali. The corrugated tube seal with PTFE material ensures a good seal for poisonous and corrosive gases such as hydrogen, especially for chemical industry production process.


Streamlined valve body made of ductile iron and carbon steel, standard 4-5mm fluorine liner made of transfer die casting;

Seats and spools with different KV values can be replaced

PTFE bellows are used to seal the valve core rod, in addition, the safety filler of load-bearing spring is used to seal.

There is a test interface to detect the primary seal of bellows.

Additional equipment can be added according to DIN IEC 534 and NAMUR specifications.

For DIN design flange face to face according to DIN EN558-1 basic series 1 (according to DIN 3202, F1);

For ANSI design flange face to face according to DIN EN558-2, basic series 37

(According to IEC 60534-3-1, basic series 37).

Flow Characteristics: IEC Standard EQ% Characteristic, Linear Characteristic, Quick Opening

_Adjustable ratio: 50:1

Rated Cv: 1-420

Leakage Level: ANSI/FCI70-2-1991VI

Surface coating: standard blue epoxy resin, stainless steel body without coating

Connection form: ANSI DIN RF flange, RTJ flange.

_Actuator: Membrane, cylinder and electric actuators can be replaced

technical specifications

Size: DN15-150 (1/2"~6")

Pressure Level: PN10~PN16 (150LB)

Main materials: ductile iron + PFA / PTFE, carbon steel + PFA / PTFE, stainless steel + PFA / PTFE

Internal material: 316SS liner PFA/PTFE/TEFLON

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