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Cage type two-seat regulating valve

The cage type two-seat regulating valve is a pressure balanced regulating valve. Its body fluid passage is S-streamlined. It also has a guide wing to improve the smooth flow of liquid around the sleeve. Its advantages are small pressure drop loss, large flow rate, wide adjustable range, high accuracy of flow physical curve, good dynamic stability, low noise and low cavitation corrosion. The control valve is equipped with multi-spring film actuator, which has compact structure and large output force.

Suitable for controlling high pressure differential fluid at high temperature and low temperature.


_Body Type: Straight-through Double-seat Cast Ball Valve

Type of spool: pressure balanced spool;

_Flow Characteristics: High Precision Flow Characteristics

_Backlash: 1% (with positioning device) 3% (without positioning device)

_Linearity: +1% (with positioning device) +5% (without positioning device)

_Adjustable range: 50:1 (0.25 < Cv < 14) 30:1 (CV < 0.16)

_Cover Type: Bolt Compression Type

_spool type: single sleeve plunger spool

Flow characteristics: equal percentage characteristics (%) and linear characteristics (L)

Reference Flow Characteristic Curve

_Sleeve Form: Separate Sleeve

Note: Standard V-type PTFE filler is used.

technical specifications

Nominal diameter DN40-200 (1-1/2"-8")

Pressure rating PN10-PN100 (CL125-CL600)

Main materials: carbon steel, stainless steel, alloy

Internal materials: carbon steel, stainless steel, alloy

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