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Eccentric rotary control valve

The eccentric rotary control valve overcomes the difficult problems in the process control of the medium containing particles and fibers, and solves the long-term difficult problems of the direct stroke control valve and the traditional ball valve.

With its high accuracy and reliability, the valve has been widely used in chemical processing, petrochemical products, direct desulfurization of waste gas, thermal and power engineering, paper industry, food processing, salt extraction and mining, etc.


The flow characteristics are linear and fast opening.

The valve seat has uniform force and wide adjustable range. The shutdown effect is good.

The valve body material is carbon steel and stainless steel, and the valve interior material is stainless steel.

The flow coefficient (Kvs) can be adjusted step by step without replacing the plug and seat.

Extended valve cover and graphite packing can be used in high temperature medium.

Seat seal is metal seal or soft seal, leak grade up to IV and VI;

Multi-spring film actuator, the maximum spring pressure is 1.6-3.2 bar.

The spring pressure range can be adjusted without changing the spring or adding other parts.

The actuator can rotate 90% increment along the axis of the valve.

The inner parts of the valve can be hardened by heat treatment and hardened by surfacing Ti-Lai alloy to increase hardness and corrosion resistance.

Single body structure, in addition to the shaft seal chamber, there is no static and dynamic seal;

Double eccentric structure can open the valve without initial torque to avoid friction on the surface of the valve seat plug.

Besides pneumatic actuator, electric actuator and handwheel can also be installed.

Valve positioner, filter pressure reducing valve, solenoid valve, limit switch, air lock valve and other accessories can be configured.

It can be applied to lime pulp, paper pulp and other liquid and gas containing solid particles.

technical specifications

The nominal diameter is DN8-20 (1/4"-1/2").

The pressure level is PN10-PN150 (CL150-CL900).

Main materials: carbon steel, stainless steel, alloy;

Interior materials: carbon steel, stainless steel, alloy;

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