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Angular control valve

Angular control valve is a kind of control valve with top guiding structure. It has the advantages of compact body structure, small pressure drop loss, large flow rate, wide adjustable range, small flow resistance and high accuracy of flow curve. It is especially suitable for the regulation of high viscosity, suspended substance and granular fluid. It can avoid coking, bonding and blockage, and is convenient for self-cleaning and cleaning. The control valve is equipped with a multi-spring pneumatic film actuator, which has a firm structure, large output moment and long service life. It is suitable for petroleum, chemical industry, electric power, metallurgy, shipbuilding, papermaking, biopharmaceuticals, food industry systems, etc.



Metal seats: up to standard ANSIBl6.104IV, less than 0.01% of rated Cv;

PTFE seat: conforms to standard ANSI B16.104VI, less than 10-7 rated Cv;

Stalley surfacing seat: 10-7 less than rated Cv

_Backlash: 3% (without positioning device); 1% (with positioning device)

_Linearity: +5% (without positioning device), +1% (with positioning device)

Flow Characteristics: IEC Standard EQ% Characteristic, Linear Characteristic, Quick Opening

_Adjustable ratio: 50:1

_Rated Cv: 2.9-1550

Surface coating: standard blue epoxy resin, stainless steel body without coating

Connection form: ANSI DIN RF flange, RTJ flange, butt welding, socket welding.

Actuator: Film, Cylinder, Electric Actuator

technical specifications

Nominal diameter DN15-300 (1/2"-12")

Pressure rating PN10-PN420 (CL150-CL1500)

Main materials: carbon steel, stainless steel, alloy

Internal materials: carbon steel, stainless steel, alloy

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