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Soft sealed butterfly valve

Soft-sealed butterfly valve has large flow capacity, small volume and low cost. It is equipped with high-performance cylinder piston or intelligent electric actuator. The single-acting butterfly valve with soft seat fails in the power source, and it will automatically be in the open or closed position as required by the control system.

Product scope

Valve Body Type: Flat Fully Controlled Cast Valve Body

Size: DN50~DN350 (1"~14")

Nominal Pressure: 150-300 LB

_Applicable temperature: -40-220 ~C

Design and Manufacture Standard: ANSI B16.34/EN 12516

Test Standards: IEC 534-4 Class V, ANSI/FCI70-2

_Flange Connection Standard: ANSI B16.5/EN1092-1:2001

_Valve core type: eccentric rotary type

_Disc rotation angle: full open 90 degrees

Seat material: PTFE or reinforced PTFE

Disc Material: Nickel-plated Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel

_Cover Type: Bolt Compression Type

_Flow Characteristics: Quick Opening

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