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Low temperature tight butterfly valve

Low temperature tight butterfly valve is suitable for methane, liquid natural gas (LNG, LNP), ethylene, carbon dioxide, liquid ammonia, liquid oxygen, liquid nitrogen, liquid hydrogen and other cryogenic media.

Technical characteristics

In order to prevent abnormal boost in the middle chamber, a discharge is installed at the inlet side of the gate.

Hole pressing;

Determine the top length of the cover according to the working temperature of the valve to ensure that

Reliable sealing of stem packing;

Reasonable selection of fillers, gaskets and other parts and materials according to working temperature

Strict control of chemical composition and low temperature impact toughness of materials

Performance indicators;

_Various piping flange standards and sealing surface types are adopted, which are suitable for all kinds of piping flanges.

Species engineering needs.

Product scope

Pressure range: 150-300 LB

Dimension range: DN50~DN300 (2"~12")

Structural Type: Double Eccentricity, Soft Seat

Applicable Temperature: -196-230 C

Valve body material: A351 CF8 CF8M

Design and Manufacture Standard: ANSI B16.34/EN 12516

Test criteria: IEC 534-4 Class V, ANSI/FCI70-2

Flange Connection Standard: ANSI B16.5/EN1092-1:2001

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