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High performance butterfly valve

High-performance butterfly valve adopts the latest three-eccentric design principle, which has the characteristics of good sealing, normal body flow path, large flow capacity, less friction between butterfly plate and valve seat, long service life, wide application temperature range, convenient maintenance and so on.

Model BU/HP series can be widely used in automation and remote control of petrochemical, power, food, light industry and other industries.

Structural characteristics

_Soft seals adopt double eccentric structure, small wear and tear between butterfly plate and valve seat, low leakage.

Long life;

_Hard seals adopt the latest three-eccentric structure, with small closing force, tight sealing and long life.

Long life, wide temperature range, etc.

Product scope

Valve Body Type: Flat Offset Cast Valve Body

Size: DN80 ~ DN600 (3 "~24")

Nominal pressure: 150-300 LB

Applicable temperature: -40-400 (-8"~24")

- 40-500 ("3-6")

Design and Manufacture Standard: ANSI B16.34/EN 12516

Test criteria: IEC 534-4 Class V, ANSI/FCI70-2

Flange Connection Standard: ANSI B16.5/EN1092-1:2001

Valve plate type: inclined part of sealing surface

Flow characteristics: equal percentage

Seat Material: 304SS, 316SS, Surfacing (Spray Welding) STL - Metal Seal

PTFE, Enhanced PTFE (Soft Seal)

Disc angle: 0-60 degrees, 0-90 degrees

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