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Load butterfly valve

Load butterfly valve is mainly suitable for flow and pressure control of low pressure medium. It consists of a flat casting valve body and an actuator. The Series Butterfly valves have the characteristics of simple structure, easy operation and light weight. They can be widely used in automatic control and remote control in petrochemical, metallurgical, power plant and light industry industries.

Performance advantages

_The valve body is welded with steel plate, and the valve part is divided into open type and rear type according to its structure.

There are two types of seat type.

_Open type is seatless structure, so the leakage is large, and the back seat type is open.

The valve seat is added on the basis of the type I mechanism, so its leakage is more open structure.

Great improvement has been made.

Cover type can be divided into standard type and external bearing type. Standard type is suitable for caliber.

DN500 below, external bearings are suitable for diameters above DN600.

Product scope

Body Type: Flat Welded Body

Size: DN100~DN1400 (4"~56")

Nominal pressure: 150-300 LB

Applicable Temperature: -40-450 C

Design and Manufacture Standard: ANSI B16.34/EN 12516

Test criteria: IEC 534-4 Class V, ANSI/FCI70-2

Flange Connection Standard: ANSI B16.5/EN1092-1:2001

Core Type: Central Rotary Type (Open Type, Backseat Type)

Disc angle: 60 degree, 90 degree

Flow characteristics: equal percentage

Guide pipe material: 316SS, 2Cr13

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