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Angular Stroke Electric Actuator

Angular stroke electric actuators use liquid, gas, electricity or other energy sources and convert them into driving effects through motors, cylinders or other devices. The basic angular stroke electric actuator is used to drive the valve to the full open or closed position. The actuator with the control valve can accurately move the valve to any position. Although most of the angular-stroke electric actuators are used for switching valves, the current planning of angular-stroke electric actuators goes far beyond simple switching functions. They include azimuth induction devices, moment induction devices, electrode protection devices, logic control devices, digital communication modules and PID control modules, etc. These devices are all mounted in a compact housing.

Because more and more factories adopt automatic control, and manual operation is replaced by machinery or automation equipment, people require angular stroke electric actuator to play the interface effect between control system and mechanical movement of valves, and also require the actuator to enhance the function of operation safety and environmental protection. In some risky situations, automated actuator equipment can reduce personnel damage. Certain special valves require urgent opening or closure under special circumstances. Valve actuators can prevent further risk dispersion while minimizing plant losses. For some high pressure and large caliber valves, the required angular stroke electric actuator output torque is very large. At this time, it is necessary for the required actuator to improve mechanical efficiency and use high output motor, so as to operate large caliber valves smoothly.

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